Brunette Sub in Her Twenties

If you are fed up with disobedience and independent girls who want to tell you what to do, then let me introduce Jenny to you, since she is one of the most obedient sex slaves online. If you ask her to do something, she will not think about following your orders, but she will just do it. She prefers hardcore, so if you decide to use her, then stop being vanilla and demand hardcore stuff from this kinky babe. She knows that she does stuff for which she deserves punishment, so do not hesitate to punish her during a Dom/sub game. If she talks too much or if she is too loud for you, then put a ball gag into her mouth, or penetrate her deepthroat with one of her toys! However, if you have something else in mind, she is also open to hardcore anal, and spanking, as well! Since she needs a Dominant – be it a woman or a man – she does not let beggars into her private room! If you are begging her, then you cannot gain her respect and you cannot make her submit her entire body and mind to your needs and wishes. Be hard on her, and she will join you in fetish games and roleplays, including domination-submission games, wearing latex, or stilettos, and if you treat her well, she might even squirt for you! Get her to use all her toys, or punish her if she refuses to do so! And if she is not here, then check out another sub waiting for you!

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