Demonic Mistress

If you want a brunette babe have a complete control over your body and soul, then Elise must be the one for you. The black stakes that are hanging on her wall in lines might completely overwhelm you, and this is their purpose, as well. The who environment when this brunette mistress is controlling you from is already dominating, before you would even say a word to her. In her clothing, she prefers PVC to leather, but it fits her slim body more, anyway. Elise loves using a flogger and a riding crop to punish you if you are bad and not willing to be obedient to her. Her type of domination is empathetic and intelligent, but she still wants men to be her slaves. Since she is a gorgeous woman, she does not only enjoy the power that she has over you, but also the money that you pay her, since it is part of the deal. If you are not loyal to her as her submissive, then do not even try to fall for her once. She is great as what she is doing, so she is working hard to get you to need her. This is why she is deeply hurt if you visit another dominatrix, as well, and since she has experienced it a couple of times, she takes no compliments at all. She wants you to prove yourself. Take part at her fetish games, and only visit another Dominatrix if she is currently not available!

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