Elegant, but wild blonde

Chantal is a model in her twenties, who really knows how to tease men with all her charms in her wealthy villa. She looks like a bored housewife of a rich man, and not someone who does this for the money. All she wants is some attention, and clearly, this is something that such a hot body deserves. She knows how bad she is, and this is why she wants to show you her nasty side here. She is a natural brunette, who has chosen to become blonde, since this is what fits her big boobs and round butt. She might have looked less slutty with brown hair, but her instincts could not let her leave anything natural on her body. Now, she is simply too hot to be true, but she is, and this is another reason why she is here. She is always horny, and she would like you to spend some time with you. If this is what you want, as well, then try to be nice to her, since she is completely turned off by rude guys. She is not only sexy, but she is also smart, so she does not want to be regarded as a dumb blonde. So, if you are nice to her, then she will use her butt plug, love balls, dildo or a variety of other toys. Go ahead and have fun with her, or if she is not here right now, then let another hot blonde please you in the way you want to!

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