Faeries Do Exist!

If you have thought that faeries only exist in tales, then let me introduce you a real one. Simona is fully aware of her powers as a fairy, and she knows that her free spirit belongs to the air where she gets her magic from. This is why her long hair has been colored to platinum blonde, which really make her look as if a star has fallen down from the heavens. This is what you should keep in mind during the entire time while you are talking to her. As a fragile but powerful magical creature, she needs care, manners and courtesy. If you do not possess these qualities, then do no even bother disturbing her peaceful mood. If she is treated like a real lady, however, then she can give you a private show that blows your mind! She has toys like vibrators and dildos, but she can also get herself off with her fingers! And she is only in her early twenties! Can you imagine how sweet she is if you are nice with her? This blonde will use her sexual magic on you if you let her, and you can even take snapshots of her in the meantime. Still, she can go wild, like all magical creatures, but I can just wish that it is for the best. If your rudeness makes her go wild, then run away! She always means what she says! But believe me, she is worth waiting so keep yourself entertained if she is not here at the moment.

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