Girly Stud

Mariano is a thin guy, whose only preference is guys, since he is a real stud. Or this is what he claims. But if you take a look at his room and his body, you will probably get the impression that even though he claims that he does not like to be treated like a lady, he is one. The flower mural on his wall gives us a perfect background to the pink couch that he has in front of it. Besides, his body is thin, and even though his abs are nice, they are nothing like a washboard, I must say. Still, when he rubs oil into his skin, then the shimmering shape of his body might make him look stronger than he is, but his real role is clearly not a stud. But maybe, if you look into his dark eyes, then you can find what I have been missing, but still, this guy prefers to be seduced with a smile rather than with dirty words. What this teen guy likes besides an oily massage, though, is when you ask him to dance and strip for you, while you also take snapshots of his weak and fragile body. If you are turned on by a cigarette before or after the action, then just let him know about it, since he is a smoker in spite of his young age. By now you have got the picture of what you might expect from him, so go ahead and have a private conversation with him – or a friend of his if he is currently busy – and ask him to do whatever you like!

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