Intelligent Man

If you are not here for a twink, but you are rather in search for a sophisticated man, then Bob is here for you. It is not only his looks that you are going to fall for, but it is essential to know, as well. He wears discreet glasses, which only give him the businessman kind of style, but he can wear suit and tie with just as much of a style as he would enjoy a day in jeans and T-shirt. His brown hair matches his eyes in color, and he likes putting some gel on it to give it a style, but he knows when enough is enough. However, his face might not look so appealing without the facial hair that he keeps so neat. He only has beard and mustache around his thin lips, with its edges in a perfectly shaped line. He is here because he loves to meet new people, and this is the way to make the most friends, especially for him, as he is nice and friendly, but he is easily turned off by beggars. Keep in mind that it is his job to be online, and he is offering you a service, which you should pay for. So, if you want to get something for free, and you are not willing to pay, then do not expect that he would show you the way to the land of your erotic fantasies, where he might be wearing leather, or give you a striptease before some role plays, but he is also into anal fingering. And ladies: he is bi! Check him out, or have fun with another man like him if he is currently busy!

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