Lean and Muscular Bi Guy

Vitja is a lean and muscular stud, whose upper body is slightly covered with birthmarks, and his face is still oily, and sometimes flawed by red spots, but it is kind of natural due to his young age. He is not even of legal age in the US, for instance, but he is already considered an adult in most countries. He has lots of sexual experiences already, and this is why he knows what he wants, and he is into any sex, since he has tried them both and he has found both ways full of pleasures. His apartment is furnished and designed in a classic style, so he has been able to turn his simple apartment into a steamy scene of pleasures, where you get to admire his washboard abs and strong pects. He also loves showing off his enormous dick, so if this is what you want and you are positive and tolerating him as a person, which means that you are nice to him, then he will show you what he is hiding in his boxer briefs, and he will be turned on pretty quickly if you like what you get to see. This is what this blue-eyed prince is turned on by. Watch him jerk off, or finger fuck himself, ask him to do some role play for you, or even a striptease. Or, in case Vitja is not here at the moment, then feel free to chat with another sexy stud like him in private!

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