Lusty Diva

As we all know it, women with black hair has such intense innate passion in them that they can blow your mind anytime! Clara is one of them. She just knows by instinct how she can turn on a real man, and the proof of it is her wide variety of lingerie. She might look like a teen or a maid one day in her checkered undergarments, or she might quickly turn into a smoldering temptress with her red satin corset and fishnet stockings. She can easily manage her long black hair, either into an updo, or she lets it down to frame her round tits. And there is only one part of her body that is even rounder than that, and it is her ass. Since she is tanned, as well, you might easily be mistaken and take her for a Latina, but you will see that she is a Caucasian when the lights show her skin in a different color. Her sensual bedroom makes her look like a princess or a baroness, since it gives her an extensive elegance that you might not even expect. Still, this babe loves pleasing herself with her fingers, in spite of her long nails. She simply could not care less about some pain that those nails cause, since she even enjoys that part. What you need to pay attention to is never to be rude with her, since she is a romantic person. She is still waiting for her prince, so keep that in mind even when you ask her to insert the butt plug into her asshole. Or, you can enjoy the company of another babe if she is not here!

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