Mature Brunette with an Army of Toys

Lissabeta is a MILF who can never sleep without her toys! She has at least twenty of them, varying from monster dildos to huge butt plugs, leather gloves, floggers, or even a huge plastic fist. Her favorite toys are her red butt plug and the black dildo in the size of her forearm. She knows how to pose with them in the hottest possible way while she is wearing her black leather boots that reach her thighs, with either a red leather overall or a black PVC costume. But she is not always so kinky. She also enjoys wearing white lace lingerie, or cartoon outfits that make her look young again. She is also into putting on overalls that cover her head, as well, with the exception of her eyes and mouth, of course. It is not that big of a problem, since her face is not the most beautiful one, but her body and her passion for kinky stuff makes up for that flaw of hers. This MILF is already aware of every sign that her body makes, and she knows exactly how to her herself off, as well as how to turn you on. Check her out in her bedroom, or in her office, while she is pleasing her hairy pussy with her either fingers or her enormous toys. Take a snapshot of her while she is smoking, or stripping for you, or simply let her make your dreams come true! And if she is busy at the moment, then let another MILF entertain you till then!

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