Tall girl with curly hair

Bethany is in her 20s, and she already has a very unique style that make her look like a teen body with a MILF's style. She knows what lingerie fits her body the most, and she is also fully aware of her her strengths and weaknesses. She knows that she has small tits, for instance, but she is proud of her fabulous hair, and thin waist, so these are what she likes to show off the most with her black lace undergarments, or her mini PVC dress, or her stockings, or corset, and I could go on for a long time, since this babe has them all! She has started to work as a model when she realized that she has a deep need to be caressed. And since this is a site where both men and women are here to find pleasure, she knows that she can get what she wants. She is not going to tell you off if you treat her badly, but you must keep in mind that she is not a robot, so please give her enough time to know you and your needs, and once she knows what she is up for, and you also know what to expect, before you start to ask her to strip for you, or to finger fuck herself while she still has her stockings on. Or even to start a role play with you. You can also ask her to use her dildo in either her pussy or her ass, since she is willing to do anal, too! Have fun with her, or with a friend of hers right now!

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