Wild Angel

If you are up for some fetish, then let me introduce CellineAngel to you. She really is an angel as long as you look at her smile. But when her eyes get darker, she will become the ultimate sub. She is strictly wearing black leather and satin while she is biting her steel handcuffs or riding crop. She knows how to use a flogger as well as a blindfold, and she loves restraining herself. She will be smoking for you and she flicks the ashes into a black champagne glass, which is held by a red toy. As for red, she knows how to add just enough of it to the blackness and greyness of the room, and her appearance to make it look even hotter. Her high heels are black, except for the heel itself, and the sole. Her room is black and gray, except for the red headboard and nightstand. And if you would like her to please herself in the black leather winged chair, then the curtains and that exact wall will turn out to be red, as well. She can please your fetish, along with several other hotties, but they might not have dark, curly hair and a curvy body. Yet, every fetish model does the best for her guests! Still, you have the chance to have fun with any of them, there is no need to go for only this wild angel. Yet, if you want a babe who is pretty, polite and passionate, then you need to pick Celine as your mistress, and if she has gone private, then wait for her return!

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